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Real Fisting Lessons
2010-Oct-4 14:00 - These Girlfriend Hot Gfs Like To Take Dick Up Their Ass

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These extremely sexy girls bend over and shake their tight asses, completely nude or wrapped up like a gift in a sexy thong, and you can totally check out their dripping wet twats and tight buttholes! These wild chicks not only enjoy exposing their fantastic bodies, big boobs and bubbly butts online, they also love to get banged very hard, and their favorite hole to take a hard dick in is their butt! Discover the sexiest butts on the nastiest sluts at Anal Gfs.


2010-Oct-4 11:00 - Tattooed Plump Sex Tapes Gf Gets Her Ass Humped Nice And Deep

An unusual scene, to be watching plump chicks getting banged like they??™re the most naughtiest and sexiest sex kittens alive. And though it is what has for you now, it won??™t fail your horny senses a tad bit. Just watch this video and look at how this plus size horny bitch takes the fucking from behind. She even has these tats on her upper back, which only proves that she??™d do anything to show her wild and nasty nature. She constantly moans and groans as her hubby humps her cunt through a series of deep hard thrusts.

The horny dude makes sure that his slutty partner gets the entire stuffing in every move he makes and he finds it a lot more exciting, doing his nasty little grinds. Watch his cock go all the way inside the butt crack and imagine how it??™s like to be the one doing the banging to this really wild bitch. Hearing those moans make me giddy that my boner??™s protesting that I loosen my grip on it a bit coz it tends to suffocate sometimes when I??™m fuckin??™ horny! Videos like this one never fails in giving me all the hormonal charge I need to keep my blood flowing. Click here now and watch the full hot show.


2010-Oct-4 10:20 - Ex Girlfriend Sex Tapes Revenge Cumshot Videos

RevengeTV is the original ex girlfriend revenge site, having started online back in 1999! This means that they not only have the hugest collection of ex girlfriend movies on the site, but you’ll find the best quality there too. Just check out this collection of cumshots, a small taste of all the cumshot videos you can find inside the member’s area. RevengeTV is where all kinds of guys submit videos of their ex girlfriends as a form of revenge. Now you can watch vids of the hottest ex girlfriends on the net. Some of them were cheating, some of them just bitches, but all of them are extremely pretty. See them getting on their knees to suck dick and having their faces glazed with jizz. Just click to discover what RevengeTV has in store for you!

Cumshot Facial Compilation

Click for full length gf fuck videos for revenge on RevengeTV!


2010-Oct-3 14:40 - Lexi Movies & Eve


2010-Oct-3 14:00 - Sextapes Naughty Gfs Love A Hard Dick Up Their Tight Ass

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Talk about chicks that love it up the butt, these hot chicks just can’t live without a daily dose of hot butt banging. The best thing is, their friends were taking photos while they were giving them hot anal sex, so now we all get to see those juicy butts getting stretched out and oozing hot jizz after getting rammed by massive dick, fingers, sex toys and any object they can shove up their assholes! Discover the sexiest butts on the nastiest sluts at Anal Gfs.


2010-Oct-3 11:00 - Wild Wild Deepthroat From A Pretty Chick Girlfriend

One of the videos that I included in my favorites list. Watch My GF is so proud of this young slutty teen who sucks cock like some hardcore pro. I know at some point she’s about to gag and puke but she held on pretty good. it’s much better if these type of chicks could hold on for a few minutes, you know, to make the ecstasy last longer. This makes me spurt loads and loads of cum even more. I can watch this over and over and not get tired of it. Turn it to full speed or slow it down a bit, either way will give me the exact same pleasure. Besides, there’s nothing really different when you put your video player in fast forward or rewind while a slutty mouth’s being fucked in and out by a huge dick. Looks pretty much the same to me except that you’d see how this young bitch eat the entire meat up, losing its visibility along the way! Wow.

You can only guess how long the cock is when it reaches this girl’s throat. Don’t you wish all the girls are like this? Provided that you do have a giant dick to feed them with. And I got no problem in that department so I guess I’d be asking this pro to suck me dry one day. Don’t just look at these stills, go on and click on them to view the whole video. Visit to witness a whole lot more of these cock-stiffening episodes.


2010-Oct-3 10:20 - Porn Cheating Whore Amateur Hardcore Vids

A cheating slutty whore, that’s what Kat is! And that’s how she got her cute babe face on a site like RevengeTV. Her ex boyfriend discovered her cheating ways. But instead of breaking up with her, he decided to get revenge! He told her how hot it would make him if she let him take video of her having her mouth fucked, getting her tight pink vagina fucked, and having her tits and face covered in gooey jizz. Then, after finally breaking things off, he sent those ex girlfriend porn vids to RevengeTV to share with the world! There are lots of photos and videos of Kat getting nude and hardcore!

Ex Girlfriend Cocksucker Pics

See all of Kat’s girlfriend sex tapes at RevengeTV!


2010-Oct-2 14:00 - Sexy Teens With Sex Tight Asses Take It Up The Ass

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If you like sexy young girlfriends having anal sex, these sample pictures will make you rub one out! These hardcore anal action pictures have been submitted by horny guys from around the world, sending in their home footage so we can all see how their sexy girls have anal sex! See naughty girlfriends take their BFs cock right up their tight little buttholes and get filled with sticky jizz! Discover the sexiest butts on the nastiest sluts at Anal Gfs.


2010-Oct-2 11:00 - Naked Babe Masturbates Girlfriend In The Bathroom

Just what every pervy guy would ever need, a kinky babe horny enough to film herself naked while masturbating. Watch My GF likes this steamy video of a blonde cutie for obvious reasons. First, of course, not all recorded videos would appear this high def. coz most of the time these horny sex kittens use their ever-reliable cellphones to take either tons of pictures or simply hit the red button to record away. Secondly, she’s a sexy hot blonde. We all drool over blondes. Thirdly, she gives us more than just a typical cock tease by playing with herself and making all of us as horny as she is. You could come up with the other reasons why you love to watch this hottie, I’m pretty damn sure you got a lot of ideas on how you’d please that nice moist poontang of hers. is not new to these types of chicks but each of them show their own style of giving us a tight pole to hold and cause it to explode in less than 5 minutes. Well, ok, the cum part will highly depend on how hot the chick is. But on this particular case, I give this video a generous 8 flying used condoms out of 10. I think the 2 points went to the drain when I accidentally recorded over the first few seconds of this video. Entirely my fault but it’s no biggie really coz those were just the times when she kinda prepared the “stage” before her fingers plunged into her hole.


2010-May-23 10:06 - Meet Locals

MeetLocals is an adult dating site which claims to help you meet hot singles in your area. Just like the name suggests, their moto is “Go green, date your neighbor”. The registration process is very easy and fast, in fact all you have to do is choose a nickname, select your country and enter an e-mail. As soon as you login for the first time, you will be shown the premium membership options. You may choose to go on as a free member and get a better feeling of the site, however; just note that most of the site features will be unavailable for you.

MeetLocals will charge you $35 for a month of Gold membership, and $25 for a month of Silver, which is more or less similar to what other adult dating sites ask. You can save a lot of money by paying for 3 months, or an entire year in advance, however. 12 months of Silver membership will translate to just $8.33/mo, while the “special” deal of 1 year + 6 months Gold membership for free will cost you just $6.97 a month. But naturally, most people wouldn’t invest in an entire year of premium membership before deciding whether the site will work for them or not, and neither should you. In that case, 1 month of Gold or Silver membership would be best to get a feel of the community. By the way, Gold membership allows you to contact free members (unlike Silver), considerably increasing your chances of meeting new people.

Site features is one of the stronger sides of MeetLocals. As usual, there’s a detailed member search by age, sex and location, and you can check who’s online right now as well. MeetLocals also has a video chat where you can speak face to face online, a big gallery with a lot of naughty photos of members, and a verification process which weeds out fake profiles (if you see a verified member that means he or she sent in their photo ID proof to the site admins). One small, but cool feature that I loved is the Twitter-like member status updates where everyone can post a short 140 character message.

As for the number of active members and the community, I’ve found MeetLocals to be a tad lacking. They do have a nice geographical search system that helps you find members near you, but the problem is, if you’re not from US you might be a bit disappointed in the number of people that this site will present you. After all, the more active members from your local area are there, the higher your chances of getting laid. Rest assured, however, that if you’re located in US, Canada or UK you will still find plenty of people to chat with and meet on MeetLocals.

To conclude, MeetLocals is a decent adult dating site which has everything you need to find hot babes around your location, chat with them online using text or video and set up a date. The pricing options are around the same as other sites, with an appealing offer for an entire year of premium membership. It is a worldwide site, but you can expect the best results if you’re from US.


2010-May-16 10:40 - Big Church

BigChurch is a specialized Christian dating site, and the biggest one of them all at that. It is run by the FriendFinder Networks, same guys that the biggest adult dating site, AdultFriendFinder belongs to. Personally I view this as a positive thing since you know you can expect good results and helpful support from this website.

As mentioned above, BigChurch is by far the biggest Christian adult dating site online, boasting over 430 thousand members and counting. The purpose of this site is of course meeting men and women of your own faith. Being a Christian myself, I can appreciate the opportunity to meet girls with similar religious views.

The registration to BigChurch is fairly easy and simple. As usual you enter your sex, who you’re interested in meeting, your nickname and the like. The unique thing about BigChurch is that you also can choose your relationship with God (ranging from “He is my life, my reason for being” to “I don’t believe in God right now”) and your denomination of Christianity, such as Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and many more. I suppose it would be interesting to get together with a girl who goes to the same church as you do, and this site can help you just that. You can also search for dating or just a pen pal or a Bible study partner.

After you finish the registration process and login with the randomly generated password that will be sent to your e-mail, you will be prompted to upgrade to one of the premium memberships at BigChurch. Silver membership is $19.94 per month, or $33.94 for three months (definitely a better deal). Gold membership is slightly more expensive at $29.94 / mo, or $59.94 if you pay for 3 months in advance. It should be noted that unlike many other sites, BigChurch accepts PayPal, which is definitely a plus since it’s safer and easier to use than entering your credit card number.

Naturally, there’s a free (Standard) membership as well, so you can explore the website a bit before deciding whether it’s worth upgrading or not. Just keep in mind that it’s rather limited; still, you will be able to fill out your profile, and respond to e-mails from upgraded members (but not send one yourself first).

The silver membership removes the limitations of the Standard membership and allows you to freely view and contact members, access their video greetings and get 24/7 phone support, should you need any help. Your profile will show up just after Gold members in searches. Gold membership is a further improvement: you will get top search placements (meaning you get maximum exposure, greatly increasing your chances to meet people), full access to blogs, groups and magazine features and viewing of extra large photos of the members.

Besides these premium membership options, you can also buy separate upgrades like highlighting of your listing in all search results and e-mails, or allowing Standard members to contact you freely. To be perfectly honest, while highlighting is sure to get more attention for your profile, paying for the ability to be contacted by Standard members first doesn’t seem like such a good deal. It’s a given that Silver and Gold members will have far less fake profiles and will be more serious about meeting fellow Christians than someone who just registered and didn’t bother upgrading.

Now let’s talk about the site features a little bit. Like others, it has a detailed member search, although only upgraded members will be able to use it to its fullest. A unique feature is searching members by their favorite Bible verses. Members are also encouraged to upload a video intro, so you can watch pretty ladies introduce themselves and decide if you want to contact them. Big Church also features member blogs, groups and forums and a text chat. It also has a cool member-written magazine with articles, polls and advice (and you can write for it too). Overall it definitely pays to have a premium membership, since as a free member you won’t be able to use most of these cool features. However, you can still read and post in forums without upgrading, and get the general feeling of the community.

To conclude, BigChurch is probably one of the best Christian dating sites around. If you’re a Christian man or woman looking for a partner from your own faith, this personal singles site can help you do that.


2010-May-9 07:59 - World Wide Wives

The registration with is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is enter your e-mail and chosen nickname, and that’s it. You will also have to choose one of the payment options when registering. There’s no choice for free membership, but don’t panic – you still can register as a free member and check out the site, so you can decide whether it’s worth paying for or not. Simply choose any payment option when registering, and then close the payment page that appears. Go to your inbox and find the e-mail containing the password for the site, and you will be able to login.

Of course, free membership has a lot of limitations, but you will still be able to browse around the site and get a feel of what’s it all about. You will be able to search member uploads, view “freeview” uploads and upload your own content as well as access the chatroom. However, the absolute majority of member videos and photos won’t be available for you, and neither will be the live webcam chats and e-mailing members.

Now that the registration is out of the way, we can talk a bit more about the site itself. WorldWideWives is almost more like an amateur porn site rather than adult dating site. Sure, you can still search member profiles by sex, what’s they’re looking for (erotic chat, picture swapping, sex), area, race, orientation and so on, like in many other dating websites. However, the real jackpot here is the member uploads, so I’m going to write a bit more about them first.

When you upgrade you will be able to access thousands of amateur porn photos and videos uploaded by members. The sets are easily accessible using the left side menu and sorted into categories like “Freeview” (visible to free members), “Hardcore” (my favorite category, gotta love real amateurs in hardcore sex, threesomes, using sex toys and the like), “Videos”, “Willies” (weiners) and “Shots”. There’s literally tens of uploads in every category every day, and their archive dates back all the way to 1999 so if you like watching everyday people having hardcore sex in real amateur porn photos and video clips, you will love this site.

Since all the content is user submitted, the quality of the videos is sometimes lacking. It’s not terrible, but don’t expect HD quality videos or anything – they are all small to medium resolution WMA format streaming movies. There’s hot housewives playing with toys, swinger parties and hardcore sex, busty babes showing off their goods and more. Most movies are pretty short too, which is another slight downside to their massive amateur video collection. However, you will be able to find videos that really suit your taste since they even have interracial, lesbian sex and more. The members who submit the sexiest upload can win up to $1000 cash every month, so it really makes people submit hot and kinky stuff!

As for the community aspect of the site, a lot of members there are horny couples who want to post their sex pictures and videos on the site and trade pics with others. There’s also swingers who have some hardcore threesomes and foursomes in front of a camera, and hot singles who love to show off their sexy bodies. You can comment on any pictures or videos, send “winks”, e-mail and request a live webcam chat (if you’re a full member). I’ve found most of the ladies there really friendly and up for an erotic chat, totally willing to show off their goodies for me. However when searching for hot babes in my area, I found very few girls, so if you’re looking for singles dating you might want to check some other site instead.

To conclude, WorldWideWives is an adult dating site for exhibitionist couples or singles who want to try swinging, share their kinky pics with others and find sex partners. It’s also a site for people who enjoy watching hot amateur porn with real people in it and don’t mind slightly lower quality than “professional” amateur porn sites.



2010-May-1 13:49 - Adult Friend Finder

As you probably know, AdultFriendFinder is the biggest and most popular online dating site. That may be a good thing or a bad one depending on what you’re looking for. The good part is that AFF will have the largest membership, meaning more hotties to meet in your area than any other site can offer. A possible downside is that it can also be a target of people who enter fake profile information; and you may get better results from a site which is focused on your location exclusively rather than worldwide one like AFF. But how is it really? Find out in our review below.

Let’s start with the registration. It is a quick and painless process where you enter your location, sex, what you’re searching for (Fun, 1 on 1 Sex, Men, Women, Couples) and choose a nickname. There’s also a prompt to enter some personal information about yourself such as your relationship status, whether you’re a smoker, drinker, drug user, and the like. For males it even includes your penis size (so I expect females get asked their BWH measurements). While all this information is optional, I highly recommend you enter it as soon as possible because it will help the system find better matches for you. And there’s even more stuff to fill out in your profile after you register, including your physical appearance and things like “purity test” where you are asked tons of sex questions and given a score.

Once you’re finished with the registration process, you will be e-mailed your password and then log in right away! Immediately after doing that you will be greeted by a familiar prompt to upgrade your membership. There are two upgraded membership options available: Silver and Gold. Like it usually is they have a lot of perks compared to free membership such as viewing all photos of members, watching videos, and even contacting people via e-mail… Yep, you can’t do much if you don’t upgrade at all so if you’re serious about meeting some hotties you should definitely do that.

AdultFriendFinder offers 1-month and 3-month plans for Silver and Gold memberships. I highly recommend getting the 3-month plan since you will save a lot of money compared to 1-month plan. 3 month Silver will cost you just $20 per month and your profile will be moved to the top of search results, greatly improving your chances. But wait – there’s a catch! AFF actually guarantees you will get laid in these 3 months, or they will extend your premium membership for another 3 months completely free. They definitely get points from me for that.

Now let’s talk about site features. With upgraded membership you will have access to a lot of great features, more than any other site offers I believe. That includes blogs, text chats, forums (you can find people who are into all kinds of sexual fantasies there), magazine articles and even live cam shows. The matching system is highly detailed, allowing you to narrow down your searches by sex, location, upgrade status (gold or silver member), age, body type, race, zodiac sign, and perhaps most importantly, what they’re looking for. I’ve seen a lot of dating sites with advanced search and match systems, but the unique aspect of AFF is that they allow you to search specifically for things like erotic chat fantasies, 1-on-1 sex, discreet relationships, and more hardcore stuff like bondage & discipline, group sex and sadism & masochism (if you’re into BDSM you will meet a lot of other bondage fans on AFF). Even after all this time, I don’t think any other site can top AFF’s search system. The only downside is that only Gold members will be able to use all the features of the search.

My review has been largely possible up till now, but there are some negative aspects of AdultFriendFinder as well. While it is still the biggest online dating website, they have their own problems. At the time I’m writing this article, AFF has over 32 million registered users and about 80,000 online which is extremely impressive. However, the problem with AdultFriendFinder is that they don’t really clean their members database. Sometimes you will jump at the chance to meet a sexy girl in your area but later find out that her profile hasn’t been updated for ages and she’s no longer active on the site.

To conclude, AdultFriendFinder still remains the king of online dating sites. While you have to watch out for inactive profiles and, shall we say, professionals trying to pick up clients, it still has the most active community around. Give it a try and you’re guaranteed to find a hot date if you live in a city (although I’m not so sure about smaller towns).


2010-Apr-10 10:36 - Be Naughty

Let’s talk something about benaughty adult dating site. I joined membership and now will write short review about it. So, let’s start from the simple join form which is easy to fill and takes less than a minute. You will get your password via email, and soon will be inside members area which is somehow similar to all other dating sites abroad. It is easy to browse through the members and you may always see who is online, or just joined in the bottom screen. Search is easy to use and it directly shows profiles around your local area, so you do not need to write your location each time. You may view profiles, but however, you should buy paid membership plan to write messages to other members. Membership prices start from $1 trial to $35 per month, but as ussual, you may buy longer term membership to get some discouts. So if you buy 12 months membership it costs you around $10 only each month. The main reason for you to buy membership is that you will have ability to write messages for other members, also you will get 24 hour support and may upload more photos.


2010-Apr-10 10:26 - Dating For Seniors

Dating for seniors is quite interesting site offering all elder come together to one place and to meet each other for different purposes. We all know how hard is to find sex date sometimes, even if we are young, but for seniors it comes difficult. So I think this dating site makes all elder people find each other quicker. In the main page you will see a lot of photos and after quick and easy registration you will be inside and may use more features, not only search. Now browse through senior single men and women who are looking for other senior singles online and find ones near your place. However, you should fill your credit card info and prices are following:?  $13.33 – per month / 3 month membership or $7.95 for 3 day trial or $29.95 Monthly (recurring each month). Also, if you do not need these “free memberships” which will later bill your card, do not forget to uncheck all unneeded boxes.

Also, if you do not want to upgrade your membership at that moment, you may click small letters on the left and go to a free members area. Quite interesting site, but if I wanted to join something special, I better try some bigger dating sites, and just choose an option to find mature women instead of joining this.


2010-Apr-10 10:20 - Date The Uk

It was interesting to find another adult dating site made ready for only UK visitors. Why seeing a lot of unuseful profiles from different places, while you can see only those who live in your country. Offcourse it is useful only if you live, or thinking to move to UK. Let’s join and see what waits us inside. It is minimalistic design inside, but all buttons you need are in places they should be, so it is easy to browse and everything look clear. Ite reminds you to upload a photo or some and to fill more information, to improove your profile clickability. You may see who’s online now and even make a video chat. You also see what rank girl or guy has, so you are always welcome to leave you rank too. When you try to send a message or chat online, you will be asked to fill your credit card information and upgrade your membership. Prices are average starting from ??1.99 for 3 day trial to ??24.99/monthly. All packages are repeat billed products, so if you wish to not see your card billed again, cancel your membership at any time. But you will loose all benefits then.


2010-Jan-27 03:00 - Asian Sex Dates

The main reason you would probably choose asian sex dates site is your altitude to find only lonely asian girls, because you are bored of those regular ebonies, latinas and euro chicks. Time to find japanese, thai or chinese who fits your needs and ASIAN SEX DATES might help you to find such. You should take simple registration form, after that write some basic info about yourself, but it is optional. Offcourse, if you write more about yourself, girls will be more interested in your profile, so my offer is to look careful what you are writing. Also, do not forget to upload a photo, because it is free and profiles with photos are seen more than 10 times often.

While being a free member you are able to use regular search, advanced with more features is only in upgraded members area. you can not write messages to other users. You still have access to forum and some other activities like live sex cams (paid separetely), member blogs and some others. There are not a lot of asian profiles, but as you know, these chicks are always rare and hard to find. Gold membership costs $29.95 for one month, you may try 7 Days trial – $14.95, but if you want to save, you may choose $89.95 for 6 months access. All benefits for being paid member are these

Priority profile listing
MailBlast (Allows you to mail many members at one time)
Send and receive unlimited mails, flirts and QuickPosts
Public and private SexDates chatrooms with audio and video
Full unrestricted access to the SexDates Forums
Advanced search capabilities
Unlimited Access to our Adult Entertainment section
24/7 Priority Support


2009-Dec-12 10:21 - Naughty Connect

First of all what I liked about Naughty connect is that they have four languages for surfers to choose from: english, dutch, francais and deutch, so there should be more members tha in a simple adult sex dating website. Let’s go further to the registration form, which is quick to fill and after you click the confirmation link sent to your email, you are inside the site. You may upload up to 4 pictures for free, so it is nice to get for free. Site interface looks good, I like purple menus and light colors. There are not unuseful features inside, just everything you need to find sex date for tonight or a female to make strong relations with. I tried browsing girls in my local place, there are a lot of profiles, but I doubt if they are real, because nick names look like fake ones, just like – myilunarlu, ilkojosl, mysixyorsi and others and some cities are even without some letters. You may see full profile, so it is benefit which similar sites do not offer for free membership. It says there are 164116 users online now while I am searching, big ammount I think.

As a free member you can not send messages to other members and you may not see full size photos of other profiles, but still you may send 10 winks a day. Off course, you may not use advanced search to see all girls from specific location. there are two similar types of memberships – gold and silver and their cost $39.95 and $29.95. It is enough for me to subscribe for silver membership, because main difference between them is that as a gold member you will recieve your profile link highlighted while other people search someone in your location. So I chosen 6 month Silver subscription and saved a lot of money, it costed me only $89.75 for six months (it comes to $14.95 a month only).


2009-Nov-25 13:11 - Fling

Really the best dating site to join, because it has not those features you do not need, only these which are needed to chat and meet your sex date. One of the best thing is that site is full of dating profiles and even if you live in small country, you will find sex dates from your local town. I even found some class mates there. Another great thing is, after you join free, you are able to search and see if there are girls from you local place and only then buy gold membership if needed. Some other sites do not offer this great opportunity. Third, which is amazing – the price. Other dating sites offer memberships starting from $29.95 monthly while fling lets us join free and buy premium member access only for $19.95, also you may start with silver membership which is even cheaper, just do not have some premium features. Silver starts at 15$ montly. I am a member of fling for some weeks and there were some hot chicks who wrote for me. I done nothing, they wanted to chat theirselves and we are still talking each evening. Maybe I will try to meet one of them or even both and take them to restaurant.


2009-Oct-10 20:23 - Two Fucking Hot
Two Fucking Hot Models: Brooke Haven, Nika Noire

Movie length: 68:03

Screenshots: 424

Photos: 165

Video sizes: 1280×720 , 640×368

Hi guys, I’m so fucking hyper because in this brand monkey spanking new episode of I have a chance to work with not one but two super sexy porn starlets namely Brooke Haven and Nika Noire. I like these two girls, they chose the biggest and most serious sex toys in my whole collection and best of all they know how to use them. Both girls do some incredible cunt stretching with the help of some seriously oversized dildoes, and Brooke takes it hard in her hot sexy ass too. Nika Noire looks so freaky as she tries to deep throat that massive rubber dick. It was like winning the hottie lottery working with these two full time super sluts, I guess it’s true what they say ‘there’s no business like ho business’.
Download this movie at
Two Fucking Hot Two Fucking Hot Two Fucking Hot


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